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In 1979 was defined the system of spatial units of Slovak republic which is containing from three units: basic administrative units (villages, towns, military zones and city districts in Bratislava and Košice), cadastral districts (official registers of the ownership, extetnt and value of real property) and basic settlements units (spatial identification and watching social-economic and area-technical features in the country).

Legislative background is defined by Slovak Republic National Council Act N. 215/1995 (Geodesy ans Cartography Act) in later novelization. Responsibity for actualization of the basic settlements units is on Ministry of Environment of Slovak republic.

The basic settlements units are dividing on the setlements areas (in countryside) and the urban zones (in cities) and there are cover the whole area of the Slovak republic. Actualization of the basic settlement units is in according to spatial datas of the state cadastre (geodetic informations file, registry „C“ of the area parcels) and from informations about village borders changes containing official journal of the Ministry of interior of the Slovak republic.

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